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    WOUD was founded upon the idea to look ahead instead of looking back and share the love for honest design. The brand is eager to discover and develop new ideas whether it being in form, function or choice of material.

    "In our design process, responsibility and longevity are important elements. We actively strive to incorporate responsible materials and forward-thinking solutions into each design - both new and existing products. When we were introduced to SPOOR and their business model, there was no doubt that the product and the story SPOOR brings to the industry are truly unique and highly relevant.

    Being able to trace back the materials and ensuring general transparency are aspects our customers request. With SPOOR, we can provide this transparency and guarantee security regarding traceability to our customers. This approach aligns smoothly with our social and responsible business practices that are based on integrity, transparency, and accountability" says Mia Koed, founder and Creative Director.

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