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    How it works

    The sourcing of rawhides used to produce leather and the ability to identify the animal’s origin can be extremely difficult. However, at SPOOR we ensure complete transparency all the way back to the single animal at the farm.

    All hides that arrive at our facilities come with ear tags that the animal receives at birth. Mandated by EU legislation, all ear tags for cattle must be registered in a database which contains information about the cattle’s country of origin, breed, date and place of birth, any movements it has undertaken during its lifetime, and the abattoir responsible for slaughtering.

    We source all our rawhides directly from the abattoirs who are responsible for slaughtering the animals. The abattoirs collect the cattle from the farmers who have raised the animals. This means that the cattle go directly to the abattoir, where the rawhides are collected, and which are then sent straight to our tannery in Vester Skerninge, without passing through any middlemen.

    Once we receive the hides at our tannery in Vester Skerninge, we register the ear tags and all the information they contain in our system. Using laser technology, we then imprint each hide with a unique number which is linked to the animal’s ear tag, and therefore provides the full backstory of the animal. Unlike other methods of identification, our laser mark is resistant and stays on the hide throughout the entire tanning and refinement process to the final leather cut. In this way, we can guarantee that our rawhides come with documented traceability all the way back to the farm.

    With our technology, we not only allow brands to trace the origin of each hide; we also provide the data they need to tell that story to the consumer.


    Animal welfare. Craftsmanship.


    By choosing SPOOR-branded products, you are choosing more than just a product; you are choosing animal welfare, craftsmanship and transparency.

    With SPOOR you can be sure that the leather used in the production of a piece of furniture, shoe, bag, etc. can be traced back to the animal who provided it. When you purchase a SPOOR branded product, you can also be sure that you are purchasing leather made from rawhides that come from Northern Europe as we only work with suppliers in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and the Netherlands. The Nordic origin of our rawhides means that the animals used for SPOOR leather have enjoyed some of the highest standards of animal welfare in the world.

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    SPOOR is part of Scan-Hide, the only tannery left in Denmark. Based on Funen, recognized as the Danish hub for processing of rawhides for leather, Scan-Hide’s heritage is grounded in a strong tradition of craftsmanship, which has been cultivated for the past thirty years.