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    30 years of experience
    Dear customer
    We are thrilled to announce that as of October 1st, 2022, Trendline Leather officially became Nordic SPOOR. We still got the same high standards for our business.

    - Same quality.
    - Same service.
    - Same team.

    But one thing has changed. We are now a part of a bigger family and ecosystem. A system that impacts and enable a better sustainable tomorrow through traceability, animal welfare and craftmanship.
    SPOOR is a part of Scan-Hide - the last remaining tannery in Denmark.
    We collaborate directly with brands in the furniture and fashion industry offering premium leather and documented traceability back to the single animal.
    SPOOR's values are integrity, responsibility, craftmanship, passion and dedication to sustainability.
    We tell the full story about leather - from field to furniture.
    Read more about SPOOR here