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    Data Sheet​

    ​Physical properties:
    Light fastness4 on grey scale
    ​Colour fastness to dry rubbing (I.U.F./450)​500 cycles: felt > 4 grey scale
    ​Colour fastness to wet rubbing (I.U.F./450)​250 cycles: felt > 3 grey scale
    ​Tensile strength (I.U.P./6)​Longitudinal: > 8 N/mm2​
    Transverse: >8 N/mm2
    ​Tear strength (I.U.P./8)​Longitudinal: > 20 N/mm​
    ​Transverse: > 20N/mm
    ​Adhesion resistance (I.U.F./470)​>2 N/cm
    ​Flexing rendurance (I.U.P./20)​>20000 cycles (no finish cracks)
    ​Type tanning​Chrome

    ​Technical characteristics:
    ​Type of leather:​Pigmented (buffed)
    ​Thickness:​1,3 / 1,5 mm