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    Technical Product Sheet

    Raw materialBOVINE
    Tanning typeCHROME TANNING
    Average size m24,8
    Thickness mm1,1-1,3
    Colour checkingD65 DAYLIGHT

    ThicknessISO 2589mm1,1-1,3
    Dry Rub FastnessEN ISO 11640Grey ScaleDry 500 cycles ≥ 4
    Wet Rub FastnessEN ISO 11640Grey ScaleWet 250 cycles ≥ 3/4
    Perspiration Rub FastnessEN ISO 11640Grey ScalePerspiration 80 cycles ≥ 3/4
    Finishing AdhesionEN ISO 11644N/10 mm
    Flexing EnduranceEN ISO 5402VisualDry 50.000 cycles (no cracks)
    Colour Fastness to LightEN ISO 105-B02Blue Scale≥ 5
    Tear Strength – single edgeEN ISO 3377-1N≥ 20
    Tensile StrengthEN ISO 3376N/ mm2≥ 10
    Colour Fastness to Water SpottingEN ISO 15700Grey Scale≥ 3
    pH and ∆ pHEN ISO 4045Min 3,2 - ∆ pH ≤ 0,7 if pH <4Pass
    Burning Behaviour to cigarette and match flameBS 5852:1979 - BS EN 1021-1 / EN 1021-2Pass
    Chemical CharacteristicArticle processed in conformity with Reach regulation


    Characteristics not presented in this document are not applicable or not defined by producer. Additional requirements have to be specified by the Customer before making the purchase order. Results of tested characteristics are an average of results found on standard productions. Eco and Environmental safety conformity to CE 1907/2006 REACH is assured until shipment. In case of further chemical treatments, it is the customer’s responsibility to verify the chemical compatibility and that the chemicals used, do not impact on the conformity of the leather.

    Crest Leather Italia srl will not respond legally in case of missed indication checking. Hides have to be worked maintaining an internal humidity of the hide of 10-12% and using a process temperature not higher than 60°C/140°F to avoid any change of the hides mechanical properties and aspect. Do not put over weights on hides during stock, same goes for finished furniture. Stock hides and finished furniture in dry ambient with temperature 15/40°C - 59/104°F. Avoid to use any solvent or lotion because they could weaken finishing adhesion. Heat guns, shrink wrapping and any other source of heat must be avoided. Avoid using any wrapping/packing material that may react with the leather or finished furniture. Natural growth features, colour and structure differences (uneven appearance) are indications of genuineness (visible/clearly visible).

    Natural defects such as scars, growth marks and insect bites are normal hide characteristics and are not part of the leather production process. The initial leather smell is typical of the material. Colour and structure differences compared with the sample furniture and leather specimens are possible.

    To maintain the initial characteristics of goods produced with our articles, it is recommended to follow these instructions: keep them in dry ambient at room temperature. Keep leather away from direct sunlight and from any sources of heat to avoid colour change and darkening.

    Use only recommended leather cleaner and protector products. Totally avoid multi-purpose cleaning products. Before using cleaning product, try it on an hidden surface. Clean stains as fast as possible; beverage stains could be removed dabbing with blotting paper without rubbing, then pass gently a white wet cloth on the stain, from external to internal side. After drying, polish it with a soft dry cloth. For domestic furniture, fully clean and re-protect your leather furniture at least every six months. For contract furniture, we recommend a regular cleaning and maintenance program as often as necessary.