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    Through a unique, laserprinted reference, SPOOR leather is fully traceable all the way back to the animal and farm.

    This enables full transparency in the value chain, through data and documentation and provides a guarantee of responsible sourcing of the leather.
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    Animal welfare
    The high quality of our products starts on the fields.

    Care and respect for the animals and nature are crucial in ensuring that we can produce high-quality products and create value for our customers and for consumers.
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    With increasing sustainable demands and requirements, we want to strengthen brands working with leather through traceability, data and responsible processing.
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    SPOOR Collection
    With our collection of leather we are truly able to tell the full story from field to finished leather.

    Each of our leather qualities has its own characteristics and uniqueness in terms aesthetics and functionality.
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    Part of Scan-Hide

    Scan-Hide is the last remaining tannery in Denmark. It's located on the south of Funen and dates back to the early 1990s, when a number of Danish abattoirs joined forces and set up their own facility for processing hides.

    For decades, Funen has been home to a large part of the Danish furniture production. Local suppliers to this industry had grown around it, among them smaller tanneries that supplied leather for upholstery.

    As the only Danish tannery left, Scan-Hide takes great pride in keeping this profession alive, by ensuring that craftsmanship is passed on from the current experts to the next generation.

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