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    Part of Scan-Hide

    Scan-Hide dates back to the early 1990s, when a number of Danish abattoirs joined forces and set up their own facility for processing hides. Since hides were a by-product of their meat production, it made sense to develop and own this part of business as well.

    The last Danish tannery
    As the only tannery left in Denmark, Scan-Hide has a responsibility to keep this profession alive.

    Craftsmanship is passed on from the people who currently work at Scan-Hide to the next generation.

    Local heritage

    For decades, Funen has been home to a large part of the Danish furniture production. Local suppliers to this industry had grown around it, among them smaller tanneries that supplied leather for upholstery.

    Therefore, this particular area had become the hub for craftsmanship in the processing rawhides for leather. Nurtured by this local heritage and keen to preserve it, Scan-Hide has stayed on Funen.


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