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    Design School Kolding is one of Denmark's leading design universities and also internationally renown. The aim is to make an impact on the world through design. Design School Kolding is an independent institution under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. The school trains designers at undergraduate and graduate levels. The school has approx 340 students and a number of PhD students, including industrial PhD students. Every year, the school admits around 150 new students - 80 in the BA programme and 70 in the MA programme.

    Design School Kolding X SPOOR

    For students studying Accessories at Design School Kolding we have joined forces to establish a great mutual understanding of leather and the usage of leather in accessories. All students have been invited to our tannery facilities to experience the process from fresh hide to semi-finished stage. And to get answers on tanning methods, traceability and much more.

    “As consumers we find it really difficult figuring out the provenance of the materials in the products we buy. So transparency is something which the consumers require more and more. We appreciate the co-lab with SPOOR and see the importance of getting access to data and responsible processes that are spearheading the leather industry. As an educational institution, we place great emphasis on our students being in close contact with the industries that become part of their future professional work. We greatly appreciate the collaboration with Scan Hide and SPOOR who open their doors to our students, generously sharing their vast knowledge in leather processing and the work of implementing traceability and full visibility in all steps of this process.

    As a designer, it is important to have a deep understanding and respect for the journey the leather goes through before we start crafting the leathers and develop products. Only then can we truly appreciate the precious material leather is” Line Rebecca Rumhult, Teaching assistant professor at Design School Kolding.

    Together, we can exchange knowledge, needs, insights and connect future design thinking with responsible raw materials and data. Furthermore, SPOOR supports the students on research and theses.

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