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    Nordic traceable leather
    Traceability enables transparency
    Responsible leather and animal welfare
    LCA calculations start on the fields

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    A transparent supply chain
    We go in direct collaboration with brands working with leather. Through a unique laser printed number marked into the hide, which is linked to the ear tag of the cattle, brands can make use of the traceable data.

    All Nordic traceable leather is backed up by transparent data ensuring full transparency.
    SPOOR it.
    Through animal welfare, craftsmanship and traceability, we enable and strengthen brands to create a better sustainable tomorrow. We are part of Danish Scan-Hide - delivering premium hides to the leather industry.

    At SPOOR we collaborate directly with brands offering premium leather and documented traceability back to the single animal. Enabling you to SPOOR it.
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    SPOOR is part of Scan-Hide – the last remaining tannery in Denmark. We provide premium, Nordic, traceable leather to conscious brands. Through our data and documentation, we can trace each single piece of leather back to single animal. That includes documentation on animal welfare standards, climate impact and LCA calculations from farm level, CSR documentation, production transparency and certifications.


    We go in direct collaboration with conscious brands working with leather across industries. Through a unique laserprinted code, marked into the hide, we can trace the hide back to the single animal. We deliver our hides in traditional wet blue, wet white and biodegradable and compostable hides to finishing tanneries. All lasercodes on SPOOR hides are sent directly to the brand and thereby we enable brands to get the full transparency on the journey from field to retail. Finally, we provide the brand with all traceability data on single hide level - including content, communication and documentation for communication purposes.


    With increased transparency focus and requirements, expectations to responsible production methods and in order to have validated data and documentation, traceability is needed.

    Danish tannery
    SPOOR is part of Scan-Hide which is the last remaining tannery based on Funen in Denmark. Scan-Hide sources hides directly from abattoirs in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany and Holland and turn them into premium semi-finished leather.

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