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    Together, we are proud to introduce Marimekko’s first ever fully traceable capsule collection of bags – transparently sourced. The leather comes from Sweden. Pre-tanned at Scan-Hide in Denmark, finish tanned in Germany at Richard Hoffmans tannery – both Leather Working Group (LWG) Gold certified. And finally the bags have been crafted in Italy. Traceability has also enabled us to get specific environmental impact data for the hides, starting from farm level.

     “At Marimekko, we believe that, in the future, timeless and sustainable products will be made in balance with the environment, in line with the principles of the circular economy and with a transparent supply chain. We want to lead by example and move, step by step, the entire industry toward a more sustainable future,” Liisa Kolehmainen, Sustainability Specialist - Marimekko.

    See the full collection here: https://www.marimekko.com/com_en/bags/the-imprint-leather-bag-series


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