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    Isn’t it food for thought that a re-examination of the past might be providing answers for the future?

    August Sandgren, Kjellerup Væveri and SPOOR are all founded on the old virtues of simplicity, durability, and aesthetics – and a respectful co-existence and collaboration with people around them. For this year's 3 Days of Design, we have come together to show that the old ways of doing things can inspire us how to create a better sustainable tomorrow.   

    Sandgren, Kjellerup and SPOOR have joined forces to show-case the strength of the old craftsmanship as well as the beauty of objects made well and made together. The result is a limited-edition LAST & FIRST storage collection, made from the most exquisite Danish woven fabric from Kjellerup Væveri, Danish traceable leather from SPOOR and the objects crafted by August Sandgren.  

    “We truly think that the limited edition represents the past and the future, and it has been a playful experience with three completely different minds working together – passionately… To demonstrate why all details from the past and technology for the future contribute to a piece of important Danish storytelling – a new responsible chapter”.

    The limited edition will be presented at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen the 15-17 June 2022, at VILLA in Bredgade.

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