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    MAKE nordic is about uncompromising love for Nordic architect-designed furniture and Danish quality. Aesthetic and sustainable furniture is the aim. Every detail is considered with care and the personal dimension in every aspect is essential to the owner and founder Line Olsen. The furniture is sold online, and customers can see and feel the products in MAKE nordic’s showrooms. This ensures high-quality architect-designed furniture at a price where the expensive intermediaries are cut off.

    - I heard about SPOOR traceable leather last Autumn, and I really wanted to understand the level of traceability and responsibility further. After our first meeting, I got very keen on going into this responsible direction. Knowing that the cattle grew up under good conditions and having the transparency in the production of my leather, is really valuable to me, says Line Olsen.

    Piet Hein is one of the most famous Danish inventors. He invented the shape the SUPERELLIPSE® which is a harmonious geometric shape, which is a shape perceived as being something in between an ellipse and a rectangle. It is a shape that over time, has been used in furniture design, architecture, and infrastructure. And lastly but not least, in the elegant UGO series from MAKE nordic, which is one of the pieces of furniture which is now available in traceable SPOOR leather.

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