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    "Our aim with this project was to create a shoe that could serve as a testament to the exceptional quality of traceable leather and bring attention to the technology behind responsibly sourced materials. As we see it, quality isn't just about durability and the tactile experience, it also extends to how the material is sourced and produced. We wanted to highlight that the excellence of a product isn't only about the result but also about the responsible and ethical journey of how it's made." Mikkel Hammershøj, PR Manager and Head of Special Projects, NN.07

    NN.07 and SEBAGO have come together on a limited edition of the Classic Dan loafer, hand-sewn from traceable Scandinavian leather. A water-repellent finish on the upper leather and waterproof, flexible and durable natural leather soles ensures year-round wearability whether you're in New York, London or Copenhagen.

    The highlight of this collaboration is the premium traceable Scandinavian leather used to craft these loafers. NN.07 and Sebago teamed up with SPOOR to source the Scandinavian hides, documenting each step back to the individual farms. In this way, we document high-quality standards, animal welfare and environmentally responsible processes, from the farms in Sweden to the LWG gold-certified tanneries in Denmark and Germany. The result is a radically transparent and uncompromising loafer thanks to the ability to trace each piece of leather back to its origin.

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