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    Icebug x SPOOR

    Icebug is a Swedish footwear company founded in 2001 on the idea of making better shoes for people who want to get outdoors every day in eg. ice, snow, wet rocks and mud. Made to be durable and designed for longevity, with minimal resource use. Icebug was the first brand to sign the ‘Deforestation-Free Call to Action for Leather’ – a call where brands take a stand for a more responsible usage of leather.

    -Co-creating with SPOOR is all about taking responsibility for our climate footprint, animal welfare documentation and for the forests, says Maria Munther Sustainability Manager at Icebug. We always start with a pilot project. When a trial like this turns out favorable to the climate, forests, and social conditions we are quite fast to scale up. And of course, we share our learnings with other brands in the shoes and fashion industry, says Maria Munther.

    For Icebug’s nubuck shoes the shift from South American leather speaks for itself when it comes to climate footprint. By using Scandinavian SPOOR raw material backed up by data and Dri-tanned at Ecco, the brand lowers its carbon emissions with 50%. By now it is only the nubuck models which are based on SPOOR raw material but the goal is now to transition all leathers.

    Read more about the collaboration here