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    Nordic leather
    SPOOR leather comes from Northern European rawhides from Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. The Nordic origin of our rawhides means that the animals used for SPOOR leather have enjoyed some of the highest standards of animal welfare in the world.
    Read more about animal welfare here
    Traceability enables Transparency
    All SPOOR leather is marked with a unique reference linked to the individual ear tag of the cattle. This gives us the possibility to document standards and certifications regarding animal welfare, climate impact, carbon emissions, CSR etc. All this data is delivered together with the SPOOR leather to our customers.

    Upcycling a by-product

    All our hides are a by-product of the food-industry. That means that no animals are being slaughtered because of their skin. Hides used for SPOOR leather are a waste material that have been upcycled to become high-quality leather.

    How it works

    We source all rawhides directly from the abattoirs. We never buy through middlemen since traceability is then lost.

    Once we receive the hides at our tannery in Vester Skerninge in Denmark, we register the ear tags and all the relevant information they contain in our system. Using laser technology, we then imprint each hide with a unique number which is linked to the animal’s ear tag, and therefore provides the full backstory of the animal. Furthermore, we enrich the hide with relevant production documentation.

    Unlike other methods of identification, our laser mark is resistant and stays on the hide throughout the entire tanning and refinement process to the finished leather. In this way, we can guarantee that our rawhides come with documented traceability all the way back to the farm.

    With our technology, we not only allow brands to trace the origin of each hide; we also provide the data they need to tell that story to the end consumer.

    By choosing SPOOR-leather, you are choosing more than just a piece of beautiful leather, you are choosing a transparent guarantee and thereby trust.

    Traceability data enables transparency in…
    Having traceability in the value chain makes it possible to create full transparency both in price, process and product.
    - Connecting and identifying the dots in the value chain
    - Documenting the production process
    - Ensuring a detailed digital product passport with all relevant information necessary to document the journey of the product and what it contains.

    This information, makes it possible to take responsible choices and set targets on how to improve and co-create a better sustainable tomorrow.


    Animal Welfare