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    As long as the world wants milk and meat, there will also be hides. At SPOOR we want to increase the awareness around the fact that some of the best quality leather actually comes from our own backyard.  

    We want to contribute to building a sustainable future. By turning the by-product of an existing industry into a new product – leaving the smallest footprint in the process – we apply the circular mindset that our industry and the planet depend on.

    When we receive the raw hides we optimize and use everything from it. The tanning process generates by-products too. In this way, the by-products of our production are upcycled as key ingredients in other industries.

    Leaving a small footprint

    When it comes to minimizing the environmental impact of the production, Scan-Hide is among the companies that set the standard in the industry.

    Scan-Hide complies with Danish legislation, which define the strictest criteria in the world for wastewater and the use of chemicals. Scan-Hide work closely with its suppliers to deliver on the shared CO2 commitment: to reduce the emissions from our production by 50% by 2030 and become CO2 neutral by 2050.

    UN sustainable development goals

    We have selected to focus and work towards five goals, where we believe we can make the biggest difference:

    4: Quality education
    6: Clean water and sanitation
    8: Decent work and economic growth
    12: Responsible consumption and production
    15: Life on land