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    Nera’s mission is to help develop a circular system for leather articles by providing the Zeology tanning agent. Zeology is zeolite-based and therefore chrome-free, heavy metal-free, and aldehyde-free and combines circular benefits with superior leather performance. Zeo White, the Zeology-tanned leather, brings unrivalled characteristics such as grain tightness, lightfastness, and heat resistance, while its bright white colour enables whiter, and brighter coloured finished articles.

    The collaboration with SPOOR brings together the innovative Zeology solution from Nera and combines it with quality Northern European raw material that is traceable back to the individual animal and farm. The result is a transparent supply chain, and finished leather which is fully biodegradable, compostable and traceable.

    The Nera x SPOOR cooperation enables the documentation of responsible actions and provides a unique alternative to existing leather and leather alternatives to conscious brands.

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