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    Since 1937 Magnus Olesen has designed furniture classics – timeless quality design that last for generations. The Danish craftsmanship is essential, and the production is still based in the north of Denmark.

    “We are pleased to be working with SPOOR, traceable, Scandinavian leather, and giving our customers the option of fully traceable, locally produced leather material. Working with the right and sustainable raw materials, is the essence of producing quality design furniture that live up to the highest standards and last for generations. With its local tannery in Denmark, Scandinavian traceable leather, adding SPOOR leather options to our portfolio was a perfect fit” says Nils Knudsen, Owner & CEO at MAGNUS OLESEN A/S.

    The Butterfly Swivel chair is upholstered in ‘Fauna’ by SPOOR. The specific product is part of the interior of Meeting Rooms of DAT-Schaub, located in the iconic ‘Axelborg’ building in Copenhagen. The thoughts behind the interior design of the meeting room was to incorporate the company’s DNA in the product and making the traceability of the leather visible by adding an identification tag back to the single animal.

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