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    Bent Hansen is a family-owned company founded in 1948 in Northern Jutland in Denmark. Bent Hansen believes great comfort should consider both the physical, visual and emotional perception of the furniture. Now its furniture can be furbished in traceable, Danish organic leather.

    "Traceability makes it possible for us as a furniture manufacturer to guarantee that the cows lived an organic life on a Danish farm, where animal welfare scores two out of three hearts under the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's labelling scheme, the "Animal Welfare Label". These are insights that we have never had available in the furniture industry before, and which give our furniture a unique story to tell," says Henrik Hvid Hansen.

    Initially, the Danish provenance and organic dimension was essential for this collab.  Therefore, all SPOOR leather is coming from Danish organic cattle where each hide can be traced back to single farm and animal - connecting with Danish classic design and craftsmanship.

    The traceable journey of the SPOOR leather used for Bent Hansen
    Bent Hansen website
      • It all starts with an eartag
        At birth, each organic calf in Denmark receives an ear tag as a means of identification. The ear tag is registered in a national database, and contains information about where the animal was born and any movements throughout its lifetime. Visitors at Foodexpo will for the first time be able to experience Bent Hansen's furniture design, clad in leather from Danish organic cows that lived their lives just a 15-minute drive from the fair in Bording.
      • Upcycling a by-product
        SPOOR hides are by-products from the meat and dairy industry. At the end of the animal’s life, the hide is removed at an abattoir in Denmark and collected to upcycle the hide into durable, premium leather.
      • SPOOR laser mark
        For the first tanning process, SPOOR hides go to Vester Skerninge in Denmark. Here, each hide is marked with a laser number that is directly linked to the animal’s ear tag.
      • From semi-finished to finished leather
        For the final tanning process, the hides travel to Germany. Here the semi-finished hides are turned into beautiful high-end upholstery leather.
      • Upholstering with SPOOR leather from organic, Danish farms
        Finally, the leather is delivered to Bent Hansen, who skilfully upholsters pieces of furniture with SPOOR leather from organic, Danish farms.
      • A design with a story to be cherished
        The unique laser number which is linked to the animal’s ear tag unlocks the full back story of your piece of Bent Hansen design – all the way back to birth at the organic farms in Denmark.

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